Why MOMS? Isn’t this about all parents who have kids?

People have asked me: “Why MOMS? Isn’t this about all parents who have kids? Why isn’t it just “Gun Safe HOME?” My response is that this is about PEOPLE. It’s a call to namely mothers, who are the gatekeepers of their children’s activities?and social contacts, to own the gun accessibility issue. And mothers REALLY don’t seem to like talking about this. Guns are typically not part of their culture. I hope all parents will embrace the principles of Gun Safe Mom. People have these important conversations. People are instrumental in making changes. People are the ones who need to act safely and protect their children. You can make a difference today without waiting for legislation or someone else to “do something” or having another tax dollar of yours diverted to another new campaign or safety initiative. By displaying a Gun Safe Mom sign and asking and telling about gun access in places your children spend time, you are making it socially acceptable to discuss gun access and potentially save lives. I believe this will make a difference.