GSM All ImagesMake yourself part of the movement! Show others that you are willing to unlock the conversation! Gun Safe Mom decals and safety signs inform others that the family within is willing to openly and respectfully discuss gun accessibility with parents who bring their children over to play.*  Gun Safe Mom is a registered trademark of the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Gun Safe Dad decals and Gun Safe Home safety signs are also available upon request.  Email Missy directly to obtain Gun Safe Dad decals or pre-order Gun Safe Home safety signs (missy


*The only real stance one is taking by displaying a Gun Safe Mom sign or decal is that they are opposed to children and vulnerable young adults independently accessing guns to use in unsafe ways and open to conversation about this topic in places their children play. Because each family has their own values and standards regarding what constitutes a “gun safe home”, the Gun Safe Mom safety sign does not guarantee the absence or safe storage of firearms. The only way to really find out if an environment will be safe for your children is to engage in a direct, honest, and respectful conversation with the other parents and act according to your family’s personal safety plan. Be approachable! Ask! Tell! Decide for yourself!

And respect the decisions of others that may be different from those you would make for your own family.