• Public Speaking: Missy Carson Smith will come to you to explain the story and mission of Gun Safe Mom as well as inspire parents and teachers to take the necessary steps to “unlock the conversation” surrounding gun accessibility in places children play away from home and school.


  • Parent/Teacher Workshops: In a 1.5-2 hour session, parents and/or teachers in your community will develop personal family safety plans, participate in and critique conversation simulations regarding gun accessibility with other parents, as well as preview models for instructing young people on what to do if they encounter a firearm.

93% of workshop participants found the information presented interesting and valuable

86% of workshop participants wanted to share this information with other people

“I have raised my sons to adulthood and talked about guns more in this one session than I ever have in my life. I can’t believe I never understood how important it was to have this discussion before tonight.”

-Workshop attendee, January 2014

  • Social Networking: Follow Gun Safe Mom on Facebook for tips to make unlocking the conversation easier and receive points of consideration to keep you revisiting this topic at all different ages and stages.

Contact Missy for rates and availability.

Missy Carson Smith speaking at Terumo Cardiovascular

Missy Carson Smith speaking at Terumo Cardiovascular


“Gun Safe Mom’s presentation is absolutely very important information for every parent.”

-Workshop participant, December 2013

“On two separate occasions, our company, Terumo Cardiovascular, has invited Missy Carson Smith to speak to our 800 Ann Arbor Associates. One event was our 10-year anniversary and one event what was our 2011 Holiday Party. The purpose of her presentation was to instill the importance of the work that each of our Associates do. She was able to share her own family experience and trust that she had in the surgeons and equipment used in the cardiac surgery procedure of her daughter, Bernie. She was able to connect with each person, whether in Accounting, Research & Development, Sales or management. All left with a renewed passion for their job and for our company. I cannot thank her enough for this. This translates into a more engaged workforce that leads to the development of better products and provides a higher level of service to our customers.

Missy Carson Smith interacting with the employees at Terumo.

Missy Carson Smith interacting with the employees at Terumo.

As one of the leading medical device companies in the world, we have the opportunity to engage with numerous experienced speakers. Her speaking ability and the way she connected with our Associates was one of the best that I have seen.

Some of the key skills she has brought include:

  • Ability to engage and make an emotional connection with the audience with the use of personal story
  • Skills in interfacing with individuals
  • Use of video and visual images that captivate and inspire
  • Ability to make you think about the significance of the slightest actions that save lives
  • Ability to leave a lasting impression

I am confident that her role in Gun Safe Mom will be meaningful.”

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