Unlock the conversation! Openly, peacefully, and respectfully ask, tell, and be approachable about discussing gun accessibility in the places your children play.

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To increase communication between parents regarding gun accessibility in places their children play. Gun Safe Mom wants all parents to talk to each other about gun access in places they have their children play and display their willingness to do so by posting a Gun Safe Mom safety sign and/or decal.

We provide a method of communication whereby parents, especially mothers (who largely control the social calendars of children), can gain assertiveness and confidence discussing gun safety and accessibility with other parents and family members when children play away from home. Our home safety signage and decals help parents keep the topic of gun accessibility in mind as their children work and play at and away from home.

This movement is about everyday parents taking preventative action for their children by conversing openly, honestly, and respectfully about gun accessibility and children at the household level. By doing so, there is a greater likelihood of reducing the number of accidental shootings, gun violence, homicide, suicide and unnecessary deaths of young people where guns are involved. Regardless of one’s personal beliefs on gun control, we can all stand together and make it obvious to others that we are not going to allow our children and vulnerable young adults to independently access firearms in the home and use them in an unsafe way.

It is likely that there will be legally owned guns in the private places children play irrespective of the value of the home, the education level of the parents, or the neighborhood setting. When we recognize this and openly discuss the matter of gun accessibility prior to a “play date” or social visit, we are doing our part as parents to protect our children from being involved in a potentially dangerous or even fatal situation. By displaying the Gun Safe Mom or Gun Safe Dad image, we will work together to erase the stigma attached to discussing matters of gun safety and accessibility between parents, friends, and family members. We will send the message that “It’s okay to talk about gun accessibility with me” and people who do so will be respected for discussing the topic, no matter their personal views.

A Gun Safe Mom sign also signifies that all parents who engage in this type of discussion will be respected for personal decisions to accept or decline social opportunities for their children as a result of their conversations about if and how a firearm is stored in a home. Our conversational responsibility and willingness to connect with other parents can prevent tragedy and keep the safety of our children first.

Missy Carson Smith is a seasoned educator and mother of four who independently owns and operates Gun Safe Mom. Neither are associated or aligned with any organization that either promotes or denounces gun ownership. She has many self-created materials and activities she presents at workshops to help parents engage in nonjudgmental, diplomatic conversation relating to guns in the household.